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ICK Services

Quran and Islamic Education
  • Daily five times Prayers
  • Juma'ah Salah
  • Taraveeh Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Adha Prayers
Programs and activities
  • Weekly sister’s Halaqa
  • Family potlucks
  • Summer program
  • Quran classes for children
  • Weekly Quran learning events
Other Services
  • Interfaith Seminars
  • Open House (Get to Know Your Muslim Neighbor)
  • Islamic Burial Services
  • Financial Aid (Zakat)
  • Relief and Community work
  • Marriage ceremonies (ICK Marriage Guidelines)
Tutoring Help
  • ICK is offering tutoring help to its community students this summer (2013).
  • Currently, female students may register for the tutoring help (Student Registration Form).
  • We are also looking for male teachers (Teacher Registration Form) to offer similar help to the male students soon.
Today's Prayer Time
Fajr: AM
Zuhur: PM
'Asr: PM
Maghrib: PM
'Isha: PM
Jumm'ah:01:30 PM

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