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About Islamic Center of Kent and the Community

Islamic Center of Kent (ICK), a non-profit religious services organization registered with the State of Washington with UBI: 601-833-860 and EIN: 91-1876641. ICK is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3)of the Internal Revenue Code.

ICK is the largest Islamic religious services center in the City of Kent and provides a wide range of services to Muslim community of Kent and its surroundings including:
  • Five (5) times daily regular prayers including Jumah, Eid, and Special prayers
  • Religious guidance based on the study of the Quran and the Sunnah of Prohet Mohammed (PBUH)
  • Provides Islamic school services for boys, girls, adults for more than 150 students
  • Performs Islamic functions such as Iftar and Eid parties, Marriages, Funeral, and Aqeeqa ceremonies.
  • Provides a venue where Muslims can socialize with other Muslims.
  • Organize weekly and monthly halaqa, and family get together event
  • Provide religious education, daycare, recreational activities, and literary resources for personal and religious development.
  • Facilitates activities for women and youth.
  • Organize meetings, seminars of religious, social and other nature for the welfare of Muslim communities
  • Receive and distributes gifts, donations, zakat-ul-fitr, zakah, and bequest (waqf) for the welfare of disadvantaged Muslims.

Islamic Center of Kent currently serves the need of 500+ Muslim families in the Kent, Auburn, Renton and Federal Way area (South of Seattle). These Muslims comprise of wide range of ethnic backgrounds including Middle Eastern, Somalis, African Americans, Afgani, Pakistani, Turkish, Fiji, Indian and others.


Today's Prayer Time
Fajr: AM
Zuhur: PM
'Asr: PM
Maghrib: PM
'Isha: PM
Jumm'ah:01:30 PM

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